Anglian Water Group have been utilising the cost saving benefits of the InterRisk Solutions intervention programme since 2009. As the first organisation to adopt the InterRisk portal as a solution to provide early intervention and redress in low value personal injury, we have been able to realise genuine cost savings on a year by year basis. By working with both InterRisk and the claimant direct we are able to not only achieve the legal cost savings but also deal with the claimant in an expedient and appropriate manner.

Phil Robinson
Group Risk & Insurance Manager
Anglian Water Group Ltd


Affinity Water has been working with interRisk Solutions and our customers in helping to provide guidance and help when making a claim against Affinity Water. As an organisation that prides itself on customer service we are committed to making sure that where a customer has been injured as a result of something we have done, we rectify the situation promptly. Working with InterRisk has allowed us to achieve our customer service goals whilst also bringing real cost savings to our business.

Trevor Dunnet
Insurance Risk Manager
Affinity Water

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