Severn Trent Water Accident

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Need to make a claim against Severn Trent water?

The independent claims portal InterRisk Solutions can help you to do that. What’s more our service is totally free. In order for your server trent water accident claim to be dealt with quickly and efficiently please click on the make a claim button to the left of your screen and follow the steps to make a claim. Alternatively if you prefer to speak to one of the InterRisk specialist advisers about your severn trent water accident claim, you can reach us on our personal injury Severn Trent Water Accident Helpline on 0333 666 0082.

If you’ve had an Severn Trent Water accident that wasn’t your fault, then it’s quicker and easier to get the compensation you deserve with InterRisk. No matter how serious your injury, we’re always here to help.

You might be worried about what people might think, how long it will take or dread the thought of going to court. But those worries should end here. Because with our UK claims portal it is the easier, quicker, better way to make a personal injury claim.

Whilst safety is of paramount importance to water companies such as Anglian Water, accidents in personal injury do still occur. InterRisk Solutions have been dealing with Anglian Water Accident claims and claims against other water companies for a number of years and as such we are able to advise you on the best route forward for your particular compensation claim.

You may have fallen down a manhole cover and damaged your ligaments like a claimant in 2014 who we spoke to and managed to achieve over £5,000 in compensation. This allowed him to recuperate and get back to work quickly. You may have tripped over an exposed stop cock and as a result hurt your back or legs. This was through no fault of your own and as a result you may wish to claim compensation for your pain and suffering as a result of your Severn Trent Water Accident.

Our fast-track claims service is designed to help get a quick settlement, our service is completely free to you in making your Severn Trent Water Accident claim for personal injury compensation.

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