InterRisk Solutions is well positioned to deal with both claimants and defendants and acts as an honest broker that is able to get to the finalisation of the matter expediently. InterRisk Solutions aims to deliver a decision 4 times faster than the usual route of litigation. If your claim can be settled in that time period you can have your compensation. If not then you might need to take specialist advice from our legal advisers or one of your own choosing.

However it’s worth bearing in mind, according to the Association of British Insurer’s that the average personal injury claim that goes through the courts takes around 18 months to complete. So it could prove much faster and easier to try and settle out of court, before resorting to legal proceedings.

InterRisk Solutions is a free service to claimants, with no hidden charges or fees whatsoever. We make our money from the people being claimed against. They are happy to pay us a fee in exchange for making the compensation process more efficient, but still fair to you. Should you require legal assistance and choose to use our legal representatives then we will be paid a fee by them, but either way you the claimant never pays a penny. To discuss further please contact us through the online form or alternatively call us on 0333 666 0082


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