Local Authority Personal Injury

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If you have had an accident which has resulted from a local authority personal injury, help is at hand!

Given the level of staffing and land footprint that local authorities have, personal injury claims are inevitable. A recent study by the Financial Times indicated that on average major cities have over 18 claims per 1,000 residents.

InterRisk Solutions intervention, containment and management services are able to help in reducing the impact of these costs by removing the necessity for claimants to utilise legal representation and its associated financial and time costs to the local authority whilst giving you the confidence that the citizen has full understanding of the claims investigation process. As well as ascertaining who the correct defendant should be in the land belongs to someone other than the local authority. Should you wish to know how our personal injury intervention services can help please get in touch.

Personal Injury compensation is awarded when the defendant organisation has not met their duty of care to you the injured party. To prove this a thorough investigation will take place to ascertain that the local authority has failed in their duty of care. once established an offer of compensation will be made where appropriate.

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