For Defendants

InterRisk Solutions aims to cut out the middleman in personal injury cases for defendants, ensuring that claimants do not have to share their pay-out with lawyers, and for defendants they do not pay over the odds. We have very strong relationships with local authorities, water companies and commercial sector organisations. Together with a proven track record of saving money on legal costs when it comes to claimants seeking to make a claim.

Often when an accident occurs the claimant will go to the website of the defendant to look for a point of contact regarding their injury. That’s were InterRisk come in, we take all of the necessary details from the claimant and seek to support them throughout the process, whilst settling their claim away from lawyers.

InterRisk Solutions is able to help minimise the cost impact of incidents and find the correct defendant to discuss a claimants claim. Early intervention, containment and management of claimants expectations is key in reducing the overall impact that costs have on organisations with an interest in the public highways. If you would like to know how our claims intervention and management services can help your organisation please get in touch. you can contact us through our enquiry form or call direct on 01244 360 985

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