Supermarket Accidents and Slip, trip or fall

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Have you had a supermarket accident, accident in another retailer or suffered a personal injury due to a pothole, uneven ground or an exposed water tap?

These accidents can often lead to long term, serious injuries. Accidents like a supermarket accident can be caused by uneven flooring, cracked surfaces, and wet floors.

Who is responsible?

The first step is to establish who was responsible for your accident that caused your injury. The supermarket where you had your supermarket accident, your local council who is responsible for the maintenance of roads and pavements, the water company who’s missing manhole cover made you fall or the owner of the car park you had your road traffic accident in.

Whilst businesses must take responsible steps to ensure your safety and prevent against these slips, trips and falls sometimes supermarket accidents or accidents outside do still occur.

Similarly, employers must comply with health and safety law to prevent these accidents from happening.

It could be that your supermarket accident is the result of slipping on a grape, wet floors of a damage piece of shelving. What ever the reason when a supermarket accident occurs you are entitled to claim for compensation.

So what do you need to do to make your claim for personal injury compensation against an organisation like a supermarket accident or a claim against a local authority for a damaged road.

All you need to do is go through three simple steps to make your compensation claim:

Step 1 Supermarket accident

Simply click on the make a claim button.

Step 2 Supermarket accident

Fill in the supermarket accident claim form and submit.

Step 3 Supermarket accident

One of our friendly advisers specialising in supermarket accident will contact you to discuss your claim.

Its that simple and whats more as a valuable client of InterRisk Solutions we will provide you with complimentary accident assistance cover for supermarket accident, work accident and other types of accidents.



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