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Over the years health and safety laws have increased to ensure a safer working environment for everyone, but unfortunately these laws haven’t been this strict forever. You might find that you now have an illness or disease that relates to somewhere you used to work.

The term

‘industrial disease’

is used to describe a condition or illness which has developed after an exposure to a dangerous substance in the workplace or unsafe working conditions.

Typical examples are people who used to work with the hazardous material known as asbestos, which if overexposed to can lead to asbestosis. There have been many cases were people have successfully claimed for the pain and suffering they experience now as a result of working with the material many years ago.

Industrial deafness is another area which has been progressing over the last few years where audio-grams have become more sophisticated and are therefore proving useful in acknowledging the deterioration of hearing when making a hearing loss induced claim.

Personal injury Claims involving industrial diseases are often a lot more difficult to deal with than other types of personal injury claims.  The exposure which caused the illness could have occurred a long time ago and expert evidence to prove a link between the illness and the employment may be required. For these reasons, it is important that you choose an experienced organisation when deciding to make an industrial disease compensation claim.

InterRisk Solutions has been working within the industry for over 5 years and our knowledge of the market from both the insurance and solicitor sector is second to non.

So if you have developed a condition that relates to your employment, past or present, click the claim now button to see if you are entitled to compensation and one of our experienced friendly advisers will be happy to talk through your options.

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