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First Group accident?

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First Group is a publicly-owned transport network running buses, coaches, trams and school buses throughout the UK. First Group is the UK’s largest operator of bus services – accounting for over one-fifth of all local services. Its 9,000 bus fleet transports almost 3 million passengers on a daily basis, between more than 40 towns and cities in the UK.

First Group Accident Injuries on First Group transport.

Travelling on a First Group service will get you from A to B but can still have it’s own risks in personal injury. While using the UK’s road network, you always run the risk of sustaining an injury, whatever your choice of transport. The First Group drivers will be doing what they can to make your travel as comfortable as possible but there will be occasions when they have to react to external situations and other road users while they are in control of their vehicle. These incidences can cause momentary lapses in the driver’s concentration and control of their vehicle. This is when a First Group accident can occur.

Passengers on First Group transport do at times become injured as a result of the driver’s action or the action of another road user. Bad road conditions can cause First Group drivers to brake suddenly which can lead to passengers becoming injured.

Have you had a First Group accident?

If you have suffered an injury whilst travelling with First Group, you need to report your injury to the driver and then receive medical attention. You can also report the incident to your local First Group depot.

You should then seek legal advice about how you can become compensated for any suffering or losses. This is when InterRisk can help you. InterRisk can advise you about your options following your First Group accident and assist you with making your First Group accident claim. Whether it’s whiplash, a banged head or a broken arm, InterRisk will give you the best, expert guidance to you and assist you in receiving your compensation.

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