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Travelling by bus or coach in the UK is most of the time a very safe way to travel.  Bus and Coach drivers carrying passengers will have been through a rigorous training program. Buses and coaches are well maintained as they are used on a day to day basis ferrying many customers around.

However that said accidents still do happen and if you have a bus or coach accident you will be able to make a claim for compensation for personal injury suffered.

We can also help in cases where pedestrians, other road users or both buses have a crash resulting in a bus or coach accident

Simply contact one of our specialist bus or coach accident advisers through our contact us form of by calling 0333 666 0082.

Causes of Bus or Coach Accident

How you may be injured on a Bus or Coach accident

There are a number of injuries that can be sustained due to a bus or coach accident this could be as a driver a passenger or a pedestrian. Most of the time this is due to a collision in a road traffic accident but can also be as a result of the driving capabilities of the driver. This could be because of adverse weather conditions or absent mindedness.

Another way to sustain a personal injury on a bus or coach is to fall in the gangway of the bus or coach whilst making your way to a seat or to the front of the bus to leave.  These types of falls could be due to litter in the gangway, the driver pulling away from the side of the road to vigorously or due to a spillage that had not been cleaned up.

Ways to minimize the risk of a bus or coach accident.

Knowing your surroundings when getting onto a bus is very important so looking to seek if there is an potholes on the roads, the height of the kerb next to the bus and if there is anything on the floor when you end up on the bus can all help to minimize the risk of a bus or coach accident.


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