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Our claims intervention portal allows you the organization to manage and contain claims made against you in an expedient, cost effective and customer friendly way. The Service can be...

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InterRisk Solutions is well positioned to deal with both claimants and defendants and acts as an honest broker that is able to get to the finalisation of the matter expediently. InterRisk Solutions is...

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InterRisk Solutions acts as a mediator between the claimant and the defendant by assisting them throughout the process. Firstly one of the InterRisk team will speak to the claimant and that....

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InterRisk Solutions has vast experience in the field of marketing within the legal sector. We have been involved in marketing schemes from television to radio, print to leaflet distribution....

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Helping claimants with a personal injury

  • to make a claim quickly and efficiently.
  • Making the process less onerous and getting to the end result faster.
  • A totally free service to you the injured party with a genuine need
  • to make a claim for compensation
  • If you wish to make a claim please contact one of our friendly advisers on 01244 360 985

About Us

InterRisk Solutions operates as an honest broker acting for both the defendant’s, and the claimant’s in personal injury, providing a more streamlined personal injury resolution process. Claimants can use the personal injury service free of charge and typically receive their compensation in as little as three months, compared with around 18 months using the conventional personal injury route. The defendant, or their insurer, will foot the bill and saves up to 80 per cent on legal fees so is a win win for all parties.

We continuously support a number of large companies who are regularly subject to personal injury claims who require and value the assistance of an impartial third party containment process. Transport operators, retailers, local authorities and utility businesses utilise the service to great effect in order to reduce the cost and time spent dealing with personal injury claims. Whilst still providing the claimant with a service we believe is in the best interests of both parties.

InterRisk Solutions. Here we offer advice to claimants directly by offering them a helping hand throughout the process until they get the compensation they deserve safe in the knowledge that all parties are looking to work towards resolution.
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